forever a student. As a certified Vinyasa teacher, I have been working with private clients, at yoga studios and gyms for over two years, in different parts of the world. From my extensive training in Paris, weekend workshops in National Parks, to retreats in India, I like to incorporate everything I've learned into my classes.  No matter what level you are at, I customize your class and practice to make it easy to integrate into every-day life. 

 yoga with Liz. My classes include a variety of mental and physical lessons and challenges, appropriate for your personal needs. We focus on core strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, perspective and of course breath. I include contemporary music, integrate mindfulness techniques in the 60 - 90 minute course and make the student feel as comfortable as possible through the whole session. We have fun, get deep and work out. 


private sessions

I work with students of all levels of yoga. The classes will be vinyasa based flow, encompassing body and mind connection. The use breath and movement augment your positive energy on and off the mat. We will be targeting whatever areas you would like to work on. 


group yoga

Pick a time, place, gather some friends (before happy hour) and I will gladly come and lead a group, equipped with appropriate yoga accessories that works for everyone's needs! Interested in bringing yoga to the work place? Want to meet up in the park? Yoga can be done almost anywhere, and of course the more the merrier :)


pre-natal yoga

Working with women to connect to themselves during pregnancy has become a huge passion on mine. Proven to help hone in on intuition, to help ease post partum depression and help soothe the mind during such an alterting time, pre-natal yoga is so important to those who need it. 




kids yoga

As part of a way to help children find their balance in their competitive, busy and challenging days, I've been hired by international schools to incorporate yoga for their needs. From after-school programs to 20 minutes in during class, the teachers and students have loved the impact. Relaxed and stronger, students are more focused, attentive and feel more connected after a session. 


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