Our goal of Yoga For Anxiety is to release the overwhelming feeling that is caused. Living with anxiety is living with dread of upcoming events, fear of the future. It’s a menacing emotion that tends to seep in, causing tension in the body, and is accompanied by nervous behavior. The feeling of unease and worry tend to overwhelm, and we’re unable to live our lives to the extent that we’d like, and we know we’re capable of.
The silver lining of this is that it’s all within. And we can work with that. An antidote to anxiety is practicing being in the present moment. 
Yoga For Anxiety uses scientifically researched and proven ways to combat anxiety, while in a safe space. The class encompasses subtle movements for the body to move in accordance to the breath. The connection between body & breath are integral in releasing anxiety, because they bring us to the present moment.  We have nothing but the now, and practicing bringing awareness to the vastness that is this moment is key. When you notice things beyond you, you give your "monkey mind" a break, and you begin to appreciate the moment as opposed to fearing it.
In this class, we move with our breath. We aim to stay focused on our practice by gently guiding our mind to our five senses, compassion with ourselves, and end the class with a calming meditation.


As someone who’s suffered depression for as long as she can remember, yoga has been an incredible outlet. Depression is incredibly common yet quite controversial. Everyone's got their own stories. Nothing needs to be wrong in your life to be diagnosed with depression. It's completely debilitating and even the smallest tasks like getting out of bed can be a challenge.
The goal of the class is to gently let go of the grip our negative mind has on us.
Depression runs deep, and is triggered by a domino effect of negative thoughts, which lead to feelings of exhaustion, dread, unworthiness (to name only a few). Yoga For depression is an hour of conscious breathing and movement. It isn't about turning your frown upside down and automatically being the happiest person alive. Its a baby step towards creating space inside that might not be as dark. Its a time to release any resistance to let any light in. Its a time to practice focusing on your breath instead of having your mind take control. Its a time for you to realign your body and to release any physical pain created by the emotional turmoil. 

In this practice, we use our physical bodies to shed a layer of emotional garbage that has been keeping us trapped for a long time.


Grief sucks. That’s the bottom line. You’ve probably lost something or someone that’s meant so much to you, and you’re entering or are deep in the mental fog. The process of grief is very personal and very demanding. The sadness comes out of now where at any given moment, the tears happen in traffic or in the cereal isle. You know this already, or you've experienced it. You also know that the feeling isn't forever.
This isn’t a class that will make you feel better about the passing of a loved one or will magically turn your life around.
Yoga for grief is a means to take baby steps out of the fog and into your next chapter with grace.
It’s a baby step to learning about who you are, yet again. This is a huge new chapter in your life, and moving on is scary as hell. If you’re thinking about getting into yoga, then you’re ready to take that baby step. The class is formulated to take your body through a very slow and gentle journey. It allows you to reconnect with your inner wisdom and love. Through sadness to strength, from the depths of pain to the glimpse of peace, this class will hold space for you to bring compassion back to you.

Transformation is scary, but we'll get through it together.


Change is change. Even a good change can make us feel a little wobbly. Newly married, a new mom, a new town, new job, new apartment, new relationship.

Change is stepping out of the comfort zone, regardless of how good it is. And its scary and challenging.

It might be anxiety inducing, might make you rethink all your past life events that lead you to this point, it might make you fly high. Either way, your nervous system is probably out of whack, and your mind is being led with all sorts of fear, stress, anxiety for the unknown.

This class is about grounding yourself. Living based on faith rather than fear. When we connect to our breath and set a powerful and empowering intention, we let that sink into the system and leave feeling a little more connected to ourselves and ready to take on whatever the change. Faith in the unknown & internal strength are all there. We just need to tap into it.


A typical weekend retreat looks like this

3-5pm arrivals
5-6:30pm: welcome snacks, drinks, games 
7pm: slow flow to candlelight & meditation 

7 - 8am: Wake up vinyasa flow
8 - 9am: Setting daily intention with meditation, visualization & journal
9-10am: COFFEE + breakfast + make lunches
11am - 3pm: Some time with mother nature - Hike & picnic
3pm - 5pm: walking meditations, nap, shower, communal meal making
5-6pm: Mindful vinyasa flow 
6:30 - 8: Dinner + unwind
8:30: Guided evening meditation 

7am - 9am: Wake up vinyasa flow & setting daily intention (meditation visualization + journal)
9 - 10am: breakfast


private sessions

I work with students of all levels of yoga. The classes will be vinyasa based flow, encompassing body and mind connection. The use breath and movement augment your positive energy on and off the mat. We will be targeting whatever areas you would like to work on. 


group yoga

Pick a time, place, gather some friends (before happy hour) and I will gladly come and lead a group, equipped with appropriate yoga accessories that works for everyone's needs! Interested in bringing yoga to the work place? Want to meet up in the park? Yoga can be done almost anywhere, and of course the more the merrier :)

pre-natal yoga

Working with women to connect to themselves during pregnancy has become a huge passion on mine. Proven to help hone in on intuition, to help ease post partum depression and help soothe the mind during such an altering time, pre-natal yoga is so important to those who need it. 


kids yoga

As part of a way to help children find their balance in their competitive, busy and challenging days, I've been hired by international schools to incorporate yoga for their needs. From after-school programs to 20 minutes in during class, the teachers and students have loved the impact. Relaxed and stronger, students are more focused, attentive and feel more connected after a session. 

yoga with Liz

Through my practice and years of teaching, I’ve curating yoga courses for the “tougher times”. Yoga for anxiety, depression & grief have been my main focus, and so each 60 minute class is designed to guide, empower, and hold a safe space. I include contemporary music, integrate mindfulness techniques in the 60 - 90 minute course and make the student feel as comfortable as possible through the whole session. We have fun, get deep and work it out. 

forever a student. As a certified vinyasa instructor, I have been working with private clients, at yoga studios and gyms for over two years, in different parts of the world. From my extensive training in Paris, weekend workshops in National Parks, to retreats in India, I like to incorporate everything I've learned into my classes.  No matter what level you are at, I customize your class and practice to make it easy to integrate into every-day life. 


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