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Guiding, inspiring and empowering you towards self discovery, expansion and happiness. If you are beginning your journey of yoga and meditation, adding more mindfulness into your day to day or are interested in natural energy healing, you've come to the right place.

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Reiki was not something I had ever experienced before so I went into this with no expectations. Upon entering Liz’s Reiki den, I was over come with peace from the smells of candles and the glow of white. Her space is so beautiful and welcoming. Our session was 45 minutes and during that session I was able to fully relax and be comfortable. It is hard to put into words exactly what you feel but it is warmth that seeps into your soul. I did fall asleep at one point and I did end up seeing a powerful green glow of light. When the session is over, Liz talks with you about what she observed and asks you some questions about how you felt. You leave feeling relaxed and with a little more insight about your energies. I cannot thank Liz enough for guiding me to this practice and being apart of my spiritual healing.
— -new client, Jill Murray