reiki & energy healing


All things are made up of energy. You are, this computer is, your phone, the chair you're on. Everything is made up of energy. This energy has been labeled as CHI, PRANA, SOUL, or KI. 

Reiki is the life force that connects us to our higher self. It connects us to what we need. It shifts stagnant energy. Encourages us to connect with that higher energy. It heals deep rooted negative beliefs.  

Reiki is a form of energy healing, helping bring awareness and focus and can be done in person or from far away. It helps unblock chakras (energy centers within the body), heals physical pain, emotional issues and subconscious blocks. 

If you’re interested in becoming attuned to Reiki Energy, or Universal Life Force, I can hook you up! Classes are 6-8 hours long and costs vary.

For more information, you can set up a free call session with me at any time.

45 - 60 minute Reiki sessions & level 1 Reiki certifications available.