"Juliette and Clementine loved learning English and yoga with Liz. Their grades improved through grammar exercises and games. They enjoyed long discussions about how life is in America, and adored ending their 2 hours sessions with some yoga. They incorporated yoga in their morning routines before going to school, and even had their friends join on their free time. Being introduced to yoga at such an early age did nothing but benefit my daughter. Thank you Liz!" 

-Beatrice, mom of J & C


"Gabriel has improved tremendously since Liz came to tutor English and teach yoga. On vacation on the coast of Italy during vacation, he got his sister and whole family to take part in a sun salutation. His reading is at the level we'd hoped for, and his grades are at the top of his class. We are so proud of Gabriel and the work he has put into his sessions with Liz. Not to mention how much calmer he has become in school!"

-Francesca, Mom of Gabriel


Bianca is 10 years old and she loves English classes! We work together for two hours every Friday evening. Even after a long week of school and homework, she greets me at the door with an excited hug. We go over what she's learned in school and do her homework. We draw and sing, dance and do yoga. She has since won several awards in her English class !


The American school of Paris started a yoga after-school program for students in elementary school! They loved the cardio aspect of the hour, but also enjoyed the stillness it allowed them to have. Yoga and mindfulness have proved to be very helpful and enjoyable for this age group. 


"Camille & Clara love Liz. Every Wednesday morning they would have the yoga mats set up, books from the library on the table and the arts & crafts supplies out ready for use. From singing songs to writing books, learning around different cities around the world to learning how to become an elephant, tree or airplane, they have loved their time spent with Liz! WE miss you!"

-Malika, mom of C & C


"Elizabeth tutored my 7 year old daughter, all year, last year. She spoke only English to her, allowing her to be fully immersed in the language. Elisabeth's energizing and interactive techniques engaged my daughter from the start. . She loved her time with Elisabeth. She's dependable, caring and competent. "Come, it'll be fun!" has become my daughter's favorite sentence, revealing Elisabeth's contagious energy and positivity. "

- Illaria, mom of Joelle


"My friends and I had the best time on a Friday night at the park doing yoga with Liz. It was my first real class, as I normally do yoga from youtube channels. We had a great time and her sequence fit our needs perfectly. We are all somewhat beginners and she was able to make all of us feel comfortable and accomplished. We celebrated shortly after with wine and cookies. Fun Friday evening!" -Lisa Hughes, 29 yrs, Paris