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Meditation changed my life. Incorporating mindfulness in my daily routine has helped me feel a sense of peace and ease in my days. As a mindfulness enthusiast and meditation coach, I not only lead groups in meditation, I guide teachers in learning how mindfulness can benefit their energy in the classroom. I guide parents in bringing it into their home and with their family. From a yoga class to an auditorium, from a conference room to inside your car, meditation doesn't have to be scary. Its a practice. No matter what age, it's never too early to start incorporating it in your life, and it is my hope that you give it a try! 


Day to day mindfulness for you

You might want to center your attention on each in and out breath, noticing the length, quality, and sensations of the breath moving in and out of your body, without trying to force or change it in any way. You may also begin to become aware of the times in the day that you operate "mindlessly," and on automatic pilot, your head so busy with plans and worries, that you don't even notice what you feel inside or what is around you.

  • Direct attention your senses

  • Take a nature walk

  • List 3-5 things you are grateful for

  • Begin the day with a short meditation

Mindfulness for the family

By bringing mindfulness into the lives of kids, we notice that their social interactions, mental health and learning can benefit. Increasing awareness of the here and now, their feelings and emotions, being in the present, can help in so many factors in the lives of kids.

  • Boosts self-esteem & mood

  • Encourages positive behavior

  • Aids in academic learning

  • Reduces peer aggression


How to be mindful with your child

It starts small. We can overhaul their thoughts, feelings and actions immediately. We also have to make sure the child is never resistant to any of the time you may spend on this with them. What's great is that there are tons of games and ways you can incorporate this into your daily routine! Listing what we're grateful for on the walk to the school bus, or singing a song while we're brushing our teeth.

  • Start with you

  • Encourage short bursts of mindfulness

  • Keep it simple

  • Stay optimistic

  • Commit the whole family!

The word "mindfulness" can be a little scary. Meditating can seem so out of our reach. We dont have to be sitting still on the top of a mountain stopping thoughts from flowing.
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