Hello, My name is Liz! 

Born in France to two American teachers, I was raised in an international bubble in Paris. Being exposed to different cultures, belief systems and open minded communities was an integral part of my upbringing and influenced my path in many important ways.


I was a school teacher in Boston, Massachusetts throughout my 20s. From community centers to Montessori language schools, I spent my first years as an elementary school teacher, motivated, excited and full of energy.  Keeping up the energy of the classroom required me to find a way to re-center myself after long days. I took a chance on a yoga class at the Boston Sports Club in Allston, MA and knew that I found what I had been searching for. Yoga became my way of reconnecting to myself when my days were full of being there for others.

After 7 fantastic years on the east coast, I moved to Denver, Colorado where I kept teaching kids.  The balance of teaching elementary students and fitting in my practice became very important to me (6am class anyone?).  I found a way to incorporate what I was learning in the studio with what I was teaching in a classroom.  I started using techniques I was learning on the mat, and bringing them with me off the mat. I began to find ways to integrate yoga into my day to day life.

Even as  a beginner, yoga was never about touching my toes or being upside down. (It is fun, and you will get there with practice, I promise.) It was about taking a little time to stop, find stillness and peace in the midst of an overwhelming and fast paced life.  It gifted me moments of simply breathing and strengthening my mind. Having felt the power of meditation and yoga, I knew I wanted to make this feeling accessible to as many as possible.


I quickly enrolled in a 200 hour teacher training program through Expansion Freedom & Voice in Paris in 2015. The nine month integration program helped hone in my physical practice and introduced me to the world of mental practice. Expanding on my passion for yoga and mindfulness, I earned a pre-natal yoga certificate in 2017 and started "Yoga for 2", a program inspiring and helping women through their pregnancies. I also created "The Mindful Project" guiding children in their tough years, through creativity, movement, and breath.  Practicing yoga for over 10 years did nothing but benefit my life and the lives of those around me. It got me through depression, got me through tremendous loss, got me to India and got me to self love and internal peace. Its crazy what this stuff can do. Its crazy how simple it is. Give it a shot, and see how you begin to take control of your life in ways you never expected.


xoxo, Liz